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2 Executive Summary: 2.1 Background

During July – December 2021, the National Screening Service (NSS) and the 221+ Patient Support Group
have jointly developed a consultation to capture the views of 221+ members on the development of
screening audit and disclosure processes for women diagnosed with cervical cancers. The intention is
to understand and document the experiences of 221+ members and use these insights to improve
future processes of audit and disclosure. An Engagement Group was established, consisting of
members of 221+ and NSS representatives, and an external facilitator engaged to lead a number of
meetings in which the affected women were given a space to discuss various personal topics related
to their patient experiences. The purpose of these meetings was to give the women voice and to build
trust and dialogue between the members of the group. NSS and 221+, appointed Quality Matters, an
independent social research charity, to undertake the research element of the consultation process.
The main goal of the research was to encapsulate the essence of the women’s experience and
translate these learnings into future recommendations in a way that can lead to meaningful change
for all women affected by cervical cancer. The Engagement Group and Quality Matters worked
together to design the research process, pilot and edit the questionnaire and make decisions about
the scope of the research”
(Quality Matters 2022, page 3).

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